The Consult

A little help can go a long way.

We will work with you for a half-day or full-day to assist with any design dilemma. Most clients use their time with us to pick paint, wallpaper and tile, decide on details for a remodel or shop for furniture and décor. Whatever you need, we are happy to lend our design eye and help push the project to completion. 

Half day: $400

Full day: $600


The Design Guide

Sometimes you just need a plan.

 After learning all about you and your project we will provide a full design guide for your space. This will include floor plans, paint selects, textiles, specific furniture selections, and recommended décor. Wherever possible we focus on quality, sustainable materials, environmentally friendly manufacturers,  vintage and repurposed finds. This guide can be used to pull together the space on your own timeline or our team can be engaged to put plans into action. 

Starting at: $1500

Starting price depends on number of rooms included in scope. 


The Whole Home

Beautiful. Functional. Done. 

The full Design Guide process plus fulfillment, purchasing, install and styling. After locking in a design direction we will hire and manage through small scale renovations and installs, purchase all furniture and décor and style your space. Our well tested process will make the experience simple and stress free. Move into a home that is complete and tailored to you and your family.

Starting at $3,000

Starting price depends on # of rooms in scope. 


The Condo

Simpler, more efficient living.

We will work with you to find ways to utilize every inch of your condo and create a space where you and your family can live happily and hassle free. We will deliver a killer floor plan, paint selections, furniture recommendations, lighting and décor to turn your space into the nicest suite in the building. 

Starting at $1500


The Eco Audit

Because going green is a daunting task.

So you want to have a more sustainable home but don't know where to start? There are countless products, home services and minor updates that can help to reduce waste, energy and water use and improve your home and neighbourhood as a whole. Using our tried and tested products, partners and practices as well as a bit of training for you and your family we will get you on the path to sustainable living. 

Starting at $200

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