It takes a team to create a home. We pride ourselves on keeping good company. We work with a range of talented professionals to bring you a space that is custom-made for your lifestyle. We provide a supportive service that has your immediate needs in mind as well as considering the long-term vision of your investment.

Joan MacAlpine brings a decade of project management, user experience and strategic planning partnered with interior design training. A project manager, a home planner and a decorator all wrapped into one means an informed, creative lead for your home projects.






Everything we do is filtered through a lens of sustainability. We partner with trades and companies that have adopted sustainable practices, we recommend products and home services that will help you live each day in a more conscious way leaving less of an impact. Wherever possible we source furnishings and décor that are made of natural, responsibly sourced materials, produced with green energy and are well made. Disposable furniture is not in our vocabulary, we are all for antiques, repurposed and heirloom pieces. We want you to be proud of your home and the impact your purchases have on the world.